"I feel so miserable without you, it's almost like having you here." Stephen Bishop

Get the posthumous debut release from The Nashville Wreckers available now. Liars has been produced in limited quantities, so get a copy here while we have hard copies available. The download version will be available at iTunes soon.

Get your copy of Scattergun's Life at Fantasy Lounge now. Just click here to purchase a hard copy or get connected to iTunes, Amazon.com, Rhapsody or CDbaby.

It's Mile Long Records' first-ever compilation CD, with songs provided by The Nashville Wreckers, Twilight Revival, Scattergun, Divebar, Medicine Hat, Sawbuck and Penthouse Sweets. Get the Compact Disc here . Get the album or individual tracks now at iTunes as well.

Various Artists - Analog Highway

Get Twilight Revival's debut album "Parlor" on Compact Disc here or download individual tracks (or the whole album) at iTunes.

Twilight Revival - Parlor

"The fact the Chicago music scene should deliver yet another Wilco-influenced act is hardly surprising. The fact it's as good as Twilight Revival IS." Trevor Fisher - The Illinois Entertainer

Album Title
Due Out
Nashville Wreckers Liars

Feb. 12th, 2011

Scattergun Title TBD Sometime in 2011

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The Nashville Wreckers debut album Liars, available now.

The recording of the Nashville Wreckers debut album "Liars" seems like it started last week and ten years ago all at once. Even though the original rhythm tracks were recorded over a long alcohol-soaked weekend, the rest of the album took nearly a year to cobble together, mostly due to scheduling conflicts and what I'll call "rock band unpredicability". But here it is, warts and all as they say. The Twelve tracks sound like they have come from another place and time- Andrew Wetmore's tracks take the listener over barb wired fences, into the cheap motels and through the jails & drunk tanks... all on a journey that is heading toward salvation just as much as it is running from damnation. In complimentary contrast, Don Melas' six tracks are about the wandering voyage within and explore the alleys of our dreams, the drunken sadness and the reflections of regret. Glueing all the tracks together is the solid musicianship & backing vocals provided by the rest of the band along with an indefinable grit that seems to just happen with bands like this. Sadley, as stated on the opposite side of this page, the Nashville Wreckers are no more. The band officially broke up last year when Don Melas abruptley moved to New York. With half of the song-writing engine missing, it didn't make much sense to continue on, so the band decided to play their CD release show (at Reggies Rock club last Feb. 12th) and called it a day. Not a very uplifting way to introduce the Nashville Wreckers debut album, but somehow fitting. The rest of the members have other projects underway and you can count on something new happening here with Andrew Wetmore. In the meantime, explore and enjoy the debut-finale from the Nashville Wreckers.


The Analog Highway CD was (finally) reviewed by the Illinois Entertainer. Basically, we were all told something we already knew, but it was still nice to hear.

"Mile Long Records is a local home to many cool, up-and-coming roots rock and country-influenced bands, so many that the label decided to put out a compilation CD to show them off. Analog Highway will compel many to wonder why the bands here aren't better known. None (Twilight Revival, Scattergun, Penthouse Sweets, Nashville Wreckers, Sawbuck, Medicine Hat and Divebar) are trying to recreate a bygone era. Rather, they take their influences and modernize. There's plenty of twang, but one never gets the feeling that these songs have been done before. Most are highlights, but "Parlor" by Twilight Revival and "My Soul Needs Saving" by Divebar echo the '80s roots movement that included Lone Justice, Los Lobos, and the early BoDeans only rendered in a bit more lo-fi setting. This is all excellent music with Chicago ties and each act here is worthy of further investigation." 8 out 10. Mike O'Cull / Illinois Entertainer Staff Writer.

Vaya Con Dios...


Saturday, February 12th - Nashville Wreckers & Scattergun at Reggies Rock Club / Chicago -- www.reggieslive.com Cover TBD --- 2109 S. State St. / Chicago